How to plan a family trip to Kerala?

How to plan a family trip to Kerala?

family trip to kerala

Planning a family trip to Kerala is a memorable experience with a wide range of attractions suitable for all age groups. Kerala is a popular family vacation destination with peaceful backwaters, beautiful shores and amazing scenery. Kerala provides an amazing family holiday full of fun and adventures with a range of activities. Families can walk through tea plantations or see animals in national parks in the charming hill stations of Munnar or Wayanad. Families can enjoy the colourful performing arts and delicious dining of Kerala like historical forts, temples for a culturally immersive experience.

Choosing the Right Time to Visit

munnar tea gardens If your family plans to have a beautiful holiday in Kerala, schedule your  trip at the best time to visit kerala. The winter season and also over the school holidays . Avoid travelling during the monsoon season, i.e., from June to August, as it is marked by heavy rains and possible transportation difficulty. You can maximise your family vacation and comfortably take in the beauty of Kerala by planning your visit during the winter and around school breaks.

Selecting Family-Friendly Destinations


It’s important to select locations for your Kerala family vacation which meet the needs and interests of each member of the group. Highlighting family-friendly locations such as Varkala, Thekkady, and Munnar guarantees a variety of experiences, from peaceful hill stations to stunning beaches and wildlife experiences. Adjusting activities to the needs of various family members ensures that everyone may take part and have fun.  Thus, you will have an amazing family tour Kerala and make lasting recollections by carefully choosing locations and activities.

Accommodation for Families

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While organising a Kerala trip package for family, it’s important to consider family-friendly accommodations. Check the lodging options, such as homestays and resorts, that have cosy rooms that can accommodate everyone. Make sure the lodging has features like play areas and swimming pools so the family may relax and enjoy themselves together while the youngsters are occupied.  Choosing accommodation with these amenities promises that your family will have a fun-filled and unforgettable trip to Kerala,  with lots of chances for rest and bonding.

Planning Itinerary for All Ages

A well-balanced schedule for travellers of all ages must include cultural experiences, outdoor activities and leisure time. Kerala family packages offer a range of activities to suit the family’s various interests and levels of energy. This involves creating a well-balanced schedule that includes exploring Kerala’s diverse culture, going on outdoor activities, and relaxation.  Adults might enjoy trekking or seeing historic places; for the younger ones, think about attractions like wildlife sanctuaries or slow boat trips through the backwaters. Adults have the option of relaxing in soothing spa services or exploring the artistic community in kerala.

Transportation Tips

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When organising a family trip to Kerala the selection of comfortable and secure transportation is highly crucial.  For long journeys, use options like spacious vehicles or buses to make sure everyone has plenty of room to stretch out and unwind. Consider taking the family on an exciting and convenient ride by employing local transportation, such as auto-rickshaws or taxis, for getting around the destination. More than everything, prioritise your comfort and safety. It can make sure that the trip is  enjoyable for everyone.

Family-Friendly Activities

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As a trip destination, Kerala has a great deal of family friendly activities. Thus, you can organize the family holiday in Kerala effortlessly. You will be amazed by the beauty of nature parks and wildlife sanctuaries where you are able to get up close with wild animals and beautiful greenery. Explore the beaches to enjoy the watersports or just relax by the ocean’s side for some cooling fun. Kerala offers a great family trip packed with action and relaxation among the beauty of nature, with something to offer every member of the family.

Cultural Experiences for All


Make sure to plan suitable cultural activities for your age cultural activities into your family’s Kerala vacation schedule. Explore historical locations and sights that will captivate all ages, from young children to adults. To fully experience the rich customs and festivities in Kerala, enjoy the various regional festivals and events.   In addition to entertaining, these events during family tour in Kerala will leave some priceless memories for you.

Budgeting for Family Travel

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Thorough budgeting is essential while organising a family vacation to Kerala to guarantee an enjoyable yet reasonably priced experience. Accommodations, travel, meals, and entertainment should all be taken into account. Look for affordable family tour packages that offer accommodation and activities suitable for all ages. Eat meals prepared in your accommodations and take advantage of nearby restaurants to save money without compromising enjoyment.  If you are considering budget family tour packages, you can have an amazing family vacation in Kerala .

Safety Precautions

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When organizing a family trip to Kerala, safety must be your top priority. Aware about the basic safety guidelines, which include sticking together in crowded areas and avoiding contacting strangers. For any unexpected events, keep a first aid kit packed with necessities like bandages and medication. Create a list of emergency contacts that includes your accommodation, the local government and medical facilities.  Keep yourself informed about local threats and weather forecasts. You can make sure your family has a fun and safe trip in Kerala by following these safety measures.

Packing Essentials for Families

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Sensible packing is essential while preparing for a family vacation to Kerala. To make sure nothing is forgotten, create a family-specific checklist. Consider the requirements of every member of the family including the elders  and toddlers. For the younger ones, bring  their  toys, snacks, and diapers to keep them occupied during the ride. In the Kerala family trip itinerary, remember to pack basic necessities like sunscreen, repellent for insects, and climate-appropriate clothing. An effortless and joyful family vacation across the stunning scenery of Kerala and cultural activities can be assured with careful packing.


A successful family trip to Kerala requires careful consideration of important elements including readying for a variety of activities, and smart packing. Kerala offers a variety of experiences for families, ranging from peaceful backwaters to bustling festivals and lush greenery.  Degama Tours, the best tour operators in Kochi is the perfect answer for those looking for an affordable choice without sacrificing quality. Our cheapest kerala tour packages designed to discover the  gems in Kerala without burning your budget. So prepare for a fantastic trip full of treasured memories. Let’s  head into the heart of Kerala. 

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