Ultimate Guide to Must See Places in Kochi

Ultimate Guide to Must See Places in Kochi

must see places in kochi

Have you ever been to the fifty greatest places recognised by National Geographic as the places that you should visit in a lifetime? Kochi from Kerala is on the list, and it is high time you should plan a visit to this heritage city if you are not there yet. There are many must see place in Kochi. 

This blog is a verbal trip to Kochi, connecting the major spots that highlight the vintage beauty of Kerala with a magical watermark of the Arabian Sea as a backdrop to your Kochi voyages.

1. Fort Kochi

fort kochi - must see places in kochi

Fort Kochi is an essential attraction in Kochi that fascinates both domestic and international tourists because of its rich legacy and cultural significance. The town and its vintage shade which was ranked ninth among National Geographic’s Top Tourist Destinations in 2020.

You can find the reminiscence of history enriched with artifacts from the Portuguese and Dutch colonial age. Explore the beautiful streets and many places to visit in fort kochi, where you can wonder at European buildings, churches, and architectural treasures that take you back in time. Fort Kochi is nothing but a stunning fusion of beauty and history.

2. Mattancherry Palace (Dutch Palace)

mattancherry palace

One of the destinations that can be called Kochi famous things is the Mattancherry Palace, often referred to as the Dutch Palace. The palace, which was initially constructed by the Portuguese as a gift to the Kingdom of Cochin, is now a museum that houses items owned by the Kochi Rajas.

The palace is a haven of murals and temple paintings, which are adorned with pictures of portraits from Kerala. The palace is a fascinating site for both history buffs and art lovers because of its artistic wealth and historical relevance.

3. Santa Cruz Basilica

santa cruz basilica

Santa Cruz Basilica in Fort Kochi is a magnificent example of Gothic architecture and is one of the prominent historical places in Kochi. This Roman Catholic church holds a rich history inside its walls and was the second cathedral constructed by the Portuguese in India.

Among Kerala’s historical structures, the Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica is a site of devotion and significance. Its striking artistic majesty, vivid hues, and the eternal charm of the Gothic style attract tourists from all over the world.

4. Hill Palace Museum

hill palace

The Hill Palace Museum is one of the best places to visit in Tripunithura and it provides a deep insight into the rich past of the royal families of Kerala. It is the largest archaeological museum in the state that has many precious and historical artifacts.

Here, you can explore the archaeological and heritage museums and learn about the fascinating past of Cochin Maharaja’s official residence and administrative headquarters. The palace is also famous as a shooting location for many movies, which further enhances its popularity.

5. Chinese Fishing Nets

The romantic beauty of Kochi is deeply associated with the presence of fishing nets hanging over the lagoons. These are commonly referred to as “Chinese fishing nets, which are shore-operated lift nets used for fishing.

Tourists can observe how these huge mechanical devices are expertly used by the local fishermen to spread horizontal nets more than 20 meters across. These nets make a position among the must see places in Kochi and display a customary fishing method that enhances the lure of Kochi’s shoreline.

6. Jew Synagogue and Jew Town

jew town

Mattancherry is the Jewish pride of Kochi, sometimes referred to as “Jew Town.” Visit the Paradesi Synagogue, a treasure constructed in 1568 A.D. and featuring beautiful chandeliers made of Belgian glass. The long history of the Paradesi Jewish community in Kochi is reflected in this synagogue, which is situated in the center of Jew Town.

As the oldest synagogue still in operation in the Commonwealth of Nations, it is one among the must see places in kochi that stand as a testament to the rich cultural tradition and varied ancestry of the Cochin Jews.

7. Marine Drive

marine drive

Marine Drive is the romantic destination of Kochi, where we can see the calm waters and cruises. You can take a long walk through this beachfront holding the hand of your favorite person or go solo and enjoy the freedom of solitude.

Marine drive and the nearby walkways are the best night hangout places in Kochi, where you can enjoy the beauty of a whole night by feeling the wind of the beach shore.

8. Bolgatty Palace

bolgatty palace

Bolgatty Palace is an island castle transformed into a heritage hotel. It was constructed in 1744 by Dutch merchants and this destination has beautiful lawns and colonial buildings.

The palace was leased to the British after it was used as the Governor’s house during Dutch control. It is the trending photoshoot places in Kochi and It is currently operating as a heritage hotel resort and permission is required for entry.

9. Gallery of Contemporary Art

Gallery of Contemporary Art in Kochi is one of the must see places in Kochi that makes you fully immerse yourself in the lively world of modern and contemporary art. This dynamic venue offers an opportunity to see the local art scene through a varied array of works by renowned Indian artists.

The gallery provides an insight into the artistic expressions of the area’s modern artists, regardless of your level of experience with art.

10. Greenix Village

Greenix Village in Kochi has a beautiful display of Kerala culture through traditional performing arts. You can witness the mesmerizing art of Kathakali performances, where lively costumes and expressive movements pour new life into historical tales.

Also, you can explore the local lives and kochi famous things outside of the performance space for a comprehensive introduction to the customs and creative expressions that make up Kerala’s rich cultural fabric.


Kochi is an emotion to all those who have at least landed once in this gorgeous land. Each of the must see places in Kochi will give a diverse dimension about this Queen of the Arabian Sea. Next time you are planning a trip, add Kochi as your priority to get an exclusive trip through the heritage of Kerala.

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