Why monsoon is the best time to visit Kerala?

Why monsoon is the best time to visit Kerala ?

why monsoon is the best time to visit keralaTake a drone view of Kerala, and you will wonder by seeing nothing but green everywhere. While reading through the travelogs of famous voyagers, we can find all of them portray Kerala in a single phrase, as a green paradise. Monsoon is the real reason behind Kerala’s solid green shades and is the season of the year when the land becomes more beautiful. Let’s dive through why monsoon is the best time to visit Kerala by understanding the significance of monsoon in Kerala.

1. Lush Green Landscapes

lush green landscape

Kerala is a green beauty and the unique geography of Kerala along with the presence of western ghats and the royal Arabian Sea, greatly influences Kerala’s rain patterns.

The monsoon in Kerala does not just rain throughout the day. It is a perfect blend of rain and sunlight. The land started to glow right after the rain, enhancing nature’s beauty. This regular annual rainfall safeguards the greenery of Kerala, making it the best season for Kerala tour.


2. Refreshing Climate

sunrise in jungle

Keralites consider the monsoon a blessing straight from the skies, pouring after the hectic sunny days of April and May. Summer in Kerala is tiring, even leading to drought. Both locals and tourists appreciate the refreshing change of this pace as the best month to visit Kerala.

The fresh breezes and morning mist immediately exit the intense heat. This calm environment turns the monsoon into the best season to travel Kerala and cherish some green memories.

3. Ayurvedic Rejuvenation

herbal spa treatment

Kerala seems incomplete without mentioning Ayurveda. Monsoon is the perfect season for holistic healing because of the greenery and low humidity that enhance the efficiency of Ayurvedic therapies.

This is the time of year when panchakarma, a crucial Ayurvedic purification procedure, is most beneficial and enhances general health. Ayurveda’s restorative properties, mixed with Kerala’s monsoon atmosphere, make this the best period to visit Kerala for a healthy vacation for your body and soul. If you are health conscious then monsoon is the best time to visit Kerala to undergo these treatments.

4. Vibrant Festivals

kerala boat race

Festivals are another reason for Why monsoon is the best time to visit Kerala. Kerala’s monsoon season is a visual display of cultural events. These are extremely important both socially and culturally because they build community bonds and social harmony.

From the vibrancy of Onam to the energy booster boat races, monsoon has the complete package of attractive festivals and is the best season for Kerala visit.


5. Scenic Backwaters

backwaters in kerala

Kerala is a backwaters paradise renowned for the vast, calming lagoons and water bodies. The water resources get filled during monsoons, giving an additional bluish shade to the Kerala nature.

Get a chance to wake up in the middle of soothing rain inside a houseboat. Houseboat and rain is a winning combo that no one can deny. The beauty of backwaters along with the timing of boat races make it the best time for Kerala trip.

6. Waterfalls

Athirappilly waterfalls

Kerala houses some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Athirappilly waterfalls, known as the Niagara of south India, are a significant attraction while visiting Kerala. With rainy season, the flow of water increases to significant amount , then you can witness the magnanimous watefalls in its true nature. So the monsoon is the best time to visit kerala to enjoy the nature in its fullest.

There are many other falls like Marmala, Thusharagiri, and many more that give a cinematic background to the nature of Kerala. The best weather to visit Kerala waterfalls is Monsoons, when waterfalls strengthen and flow through the rocks and mountains, exposing their wild beauty.

7. Beaches

beach in kerala

Kerala’s beaches shine throughout the monsoon season, despite the common perception that this is a time of year to skip.  The charm of lonely beaches in Kerala amplifies the beauty of monsoon rains and makes it the perfect season to visit Kerala.

Kerala’s beaches are an ideal place to chill out during the monsoon season because of their clean appeal and the soothing sound of the waves with the soft coating of rainfall.

8. Culinary Delight

front close view of fried fishes with lemon slices

Kerala cuisine is at its most delicious during the monsoon season and provides a sensory delight that makes it the best month to visit Kerala. The food highlights of the area burst up with a riot of tastes, showcasing a variety of seasonal meals that flourish throughout the rainy season.

Enjoying the delicious Kerala food in the backdrop of tiny stands of rain will surely transform as your fondest memory soon. Plan a Kerala tour at this best time to enjoy the local food and nature at its best.

9. Cultural Immersion

theyyam artist getting ready with the help of two assistants

The monsoon is the best time to visit Kerala if you want to witness cultural immersion. This encourages visitors to get involved with local people. In many places, the rainy season creates the perfect setting for deep cultural interactions.

Talking with residents during this time gives visitors a unique perspective on their customs and enables real interactions that go beyond just tourism.

Practical Tips for Monsoon Travel

Bring necessities like strong footwear, necessary medications and raincoats for an easy trip on this best month to visit Kerala. Plan your activities during times of fewer showers by checking the weather forecast.

Select reliable forms of transportation with best tour operators in Kerala and try to avoid locations that are prone to flooding. Keep documents and electronics in waterproof bags. Maintain a list of emergency contacts on hand. Accepting this useful advice guarantees a safe and pleasurable monsoon trip in Kerala.


We have several reasons to visit Kerala, especially during the rainy seasons. It is certain that the question of why monsoon is the best time to visit Kerala becomes irrelevant after reading this blog and makes you plan a fantastic journey to Kerala on the nearest monsoon.

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