Discover best adventure sports in Kochi

Are you looking for an action-packed day in Kochi? Prepare for an exciting journey as we explore the best adventure sports in Kochi. From thrilling water sports to adventurous land rides also have here. If you are a thrill seeker or just looking to spice up your vacation, these activities promise lasting recollections and amazing vistas. From exhilarating water sports to high-flying aerial adventures, Kochi offers something for everyone.

Water Skiing

best adventure sports in Kochi

Just Imagine that you are floating across the glistening waters accompanied by the touch of wind and the spray of water beneath the boards. Yes, water skiing is one of the best thrilling sports for adventure in Kochi. In Kochi, you can feel the rush of accelerating across the water, pushed merely by your ability and determination. Water skiing in Kochi provides a lifetime of memories that will leave you wanting more. So, grab your skis and prepare to make a splash of excitement.

Scuba Diving

Adventurous can explore the wonders of underwater with Scuba diving. It is a memorable trip, guided by the experts in the top travel agency in Kochi. Air tank clipped to your back gives you access to unexplored and strange depths of oceans, lakes and even swimming pools. You will as well have a glimpse of the coral reefs with a wide range of sea creatures. If you want to move along the surface gracefully in the water, you should try scuba diving because it has no equal while you are looking at the underwater world through a whole new perspective.


Kayaking best adventure sports in Kochi

Kayaking is the best adventure sports in Kochi, entices you to explore the beauty of the waterways. This water sport allows you to explore hidden corners and discover the natural wonders at your own pace. During kayaking, you can float along with the peaceful ripples in a paddle. Kadamakudy is one of the top Kayaking spots in Kochi. So don’t miss this exhilarating activity when having a leisurely day in Kochi.

Banana Boat Ride

Prepare for a splash-filled adventure with a banana boat ride. It is a long and flexible banana shaped raft being pulled across the waves by a speedboat. Hold on tight as the boat twists and turns, splashing through the water and creating waves of excitement. Its water sport is ideal for those looking for some adventure and a lot of laughs. It can make a fantastic experience with family and friends. So take the swimsuits and det ready for banana boat rides with the experienced Kerala tour operators.

Beach & Backwater Cycling

Marvel with the beauty of the top destinations in Kerala with beaches and backwater cycling. Cycling through the backwaters and beaches of Kochi will provide a pleasurable getaway from the hectic lifestyle of the city with the freshness of gentle sea winds. From this backwater cycling, you can catch a glimpse of quaint fishing villages, green fields and lively local culture will give you a unique and exciting experience. It is the best way to get to this most beautiful panoramic view of Kochi. Get ready for a ride through the must-see places in Kochi.

Bhoothathankettu Trekking

Bhoothathankettu invites you on an exciting trekking adventure! This thrilling activity is one of the best sports for adventure in Kochi, allowing you to witness the amazing splendor of nature up close. As you trek through the lush greenery and rocky landscape of Bhoothathankett, you can expect majestic waterfalls, dense forests and breathtaking panoramic views. If you are a seasoned trekker or a first-time explorer, this trekking adventure promises excitement and discovery at every turn.


Explore the best adventure sports in Kochi to discover the hidden treasure of excitement and thrills. By diving down the depths of the ocean or trekking in the landscape of Bhoothathankettu, Kochi offers you a breath of fresh air and diverse adventures for every type of traveller. If you are looking for these thrilling encounters, look further than Degama Tours and Travels, the best tour operators in Kerala. Their experience and enthusiasm for travelling
have a good chance of making the voyage more enjoyable and smoother. Let’s get your backpacks ready and have an expedition with the Degama Tours for the exciting realm of adventure sports in Kochi and beyond.

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